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Jan 31, 2019 02:45:19

January review

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David nge

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January came and went real quick, so it's time to review how the year has gone so far and my progress for the new year resolution.

I set out to accomplish the following goals this year:

Health and fitness: Get to 70kg at 15% body fat and complete at least 100 weight lifting sessions.

My body weighs 66kg at 18% body fat as of this morning. Since I just got the weighing machine from huawei, this will be my benchmark to beat for next month.

I've completed 12 weight lifting sessions this month, and something I just started doing this week was to do some cardio in the morning before breakfast. Since I like playing basketball and there's a court nearby. I've been going there to shoot some hoops in the morning. 

Writing: Learn more about writing, design, programming etc. Write 24 blog posts.

Writing 200WAD has been really helpful for me to organize the topics I want to write for my blog. I've been writing for over 40 days here now and I can see the pattern of where my interest lies. I plan to expand and write longer versions of the topics I wrote here in 200WAD and publish on my blog.

So far I've published 3 articles, mainly things I learned about javascript. I have a bunch of ideas I want to write, like the books I've read about our gut, the development of Singapore, lessons from Kevin Hart's autobiography, and more.

Launch a product: Make something that I can charge money online.

This is one goal which I have the least progress on. I have a rough idea of what I want to make, but wasn't confident of my development skill so I went back to learn some programming basics before I start.

In hindsight, I should dedicate some time and make daily progress on this. I read an excellent article of how a developer has managed to write a book by dedicating 10 minutes a day writing it.

Save 50% of my income

I failed to save 50% of my income this month. For a few reasons: my girlfriend's birthday was in January, I bought a new phone, bought a weighing machine, spent money on things for upcoming Chinese new year, and more...

Create more memorable experiences with my girlfriend

We celebrated her birthday with our close friends, explored new places to eat and found new places to chill. The only thing I regret not doing is taking more videos and images with my new phone. I realized i'm not really the photo type of person, hence my inactive instagram account. But I will make a point to capture more memories of how our year went by.

Be a better cook. Gather recipes for healthy, delicious food.

I would say the amount of cooking I did in the past month wasn't a whole lot more than before. But Canada just published their new health guide for food, which I thought was very interesting, though not surprising. They have a list of food that's highly recommended to eat healthily. I might use that as a guideline for coming out with new recipes next month. 

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