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Jun 21, 2019 03:21:14

Jeannie Hammond

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I'm so glad that you and I were born in the first half of the 90s. I swear that had we been born in the second half then we wouldve been so different. And so what is it that we are that makes us so special? 

I dont know. Its just that the people born before us are so pessimistic. And the kids born starting in the late 90s are so sad. I think you and i were born in a sweet spot. Where we got to see the internet grow up. We were young enough when it happened that we approached it with open eyes. But we werent too young to be unaware of life before it.

I dont know. Ive just been thinking a lot about this lately. Like i remember when Facebook first became a thing, the connections on there felt special. When someone shared their feelings, confessed their stories,  it felt candid. And i rooted for them. Whats happened since then? 

Why did we all... or at least i grow disillusioned by the other peoples emotions? Why did i someday find a persons feelings trite instead of inspiring.

I dont know the answers to this. But i was just remembering that post you wrote right after graduation and the senior allnight party. I tried finding it again on Facebook, but your profile was gone. 

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