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Jun 21, 2019 03:33:53

Jeannie Hammond

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I was reading an essay by some girl at some ivy league school... yale i think. It made me think about that one facebook post you wrote after high school. Why didnt you just. Ecome a writer? Like a writer writer tather than a journalist.

I dont get it. Do you think maybe if we went to a better school you wouldve been more likely to pursue writing? I feel like you choosing journalism was kind of a hedge of your bets. It was your way of pursuing writing while still signalling to others that 'hey look. Im not completely useless'.

But if we had more artistic role models maybe you wouldve just committed fully.  No hedged bets.

Oh well. How are you? Im well these days. Well as can be by quantified matters. Everything about my life by the measures people use to quantify life are clocking in pretty well. Yet i feel a certain way when i get these quiet moments to think. Dont worry, im not depressed. Thats so cliche for ppl in my position. I just feel like i should be happier, given my circumstance. Why do i feel like that?

I dont know. I see a therapist twice a month. I think everyone or close to everyone should see a therapist. Its really nice. Well anyway, just wanted to check in on how you're doing. These days i drink five dollar coffee. Our secretary -- i dont have my own -- brings it to us everyday. I kind of miss that old sludge at Larry's. I miss looking out that window, sipping coffee, instead of this window overlooking the city.

I think i might clock out once i put 7 mil in the bank. I had chosen 5 mil in college, but now i think 7.

Most ppl in my industry get greedy a d cant stop. I dont think i want to be like that. Id rather park the money in some funds and just travel. Who knows, maybe ill get bored. And then i can just work a regular job. Maybe at a diner like Larry's in some small town like the one we grew up in. 

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