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Apr 26, 2019 02:47:44

Just say NO

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Julia Saxena

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Read another brilliant article by James Clear yesterday: 

The Ultimate Productivity Hack is Saying No

It's true! I have a hard time saying no. Why? It's usually either one of the below or a combination of them:

  • I like helping people.
  • I want people to like me. 
  • I like the feeling when somebody needs my help.
  • I don't want to miss out (FOMO).
  • I'm curious and want to try out new things. 
  • I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. 
The results are often positive - new experiences and opportunities. But, I also get pulled in many different directions and lose focus on what's really important to me. 

Steve Jobs captures this nicely:

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. 

There are just ... so ... many .... things ... that I want to know and learn! 

If I keep jumping from one to another, I won't get very far in any area though. 

That's why it's sometimes just better to keep my head down, stop looking around too much for new stuff, and focus intensely on what's already in front of me. 

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    @juliasaxena Sounds similar to the idea of a creating a NOT TO DO LIST. Rather than focus on things to do, make a list of the things you do that you don't need to do anymore to free up some time to focus on the important things.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 26, 2019 08:48:33
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      @brandonwilson That's right! And actively writing those things down would have a bigger impact than just thinking of them.

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Apr 27, 2019 02:17:58
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    @juliasaxena If you haven't yet, I'd recommend to read Essentialism from Greg McKeown. I've read it about 5 years ago and am still trying my best to apply the lessons learned. I know how tempting it is to start many different things, but sticking to one always brings more results and satisfaction! Good luck :)

    Nathanaël Henley avatar Nathanaël Henley | Apr 26, 2019 08:54:23
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      @natehenley That books is right on top of my reading list! Good to know that it had such an impact on you.

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Apr 27, 2019 02:16:19
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