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Jun 17, 2019 05:09:27

Just things from my life

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This day have come β€” the order from ASOS that was made by my boyfriend with me is in our town! I waited for this moment for one week! It seemed too long, because I want my clothes!

I ordered shorts, a black bralette, cat eye sunglasses with turtle color and a small bag. My boyfriend ordered something for me (AAAA WHAT DID HE ORDERED??? HI DIDN'T TELL MEEEE), interesting jeans and something for himself (he didn't tell what he ordered).

As you can see, I am a bit impatient and excited. I am like a child who is waiting for Christmas to know what parents will gift him.

It's 10:04 and we will go when my hair will dry.

Also, I am excited when will I finish my AI experiment and when will I become good in coding because my current level makes me a bit sad. I tried to set deadlines two or three times, but I always have problems with code and this breaks all my deadlines...

I should to learn think abstract for coding.

Also, I am excited to make two hoodies, I will start to sew them when I finish the experiment.

And I am excited to cook a cake is called Fraisier.

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