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Aug 14, 2019 16:54:38

just Wednesday

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Fifth day of my no sugar and no coffee experiment and I think I feel all right. Maybe because of I do not go strictly without sugar, I still eat fruits and I do not care about sugar in meals I didn't cook by myself (in restaurant etc.)

Sure I miss sweets and I miss my coffee but it's still not anything crazy. Will see what about next few days.

Probably with the coffee it's gonna be harder part. I like coffee a lot but just with sugar so I think it's pointless to drink it without haha.

I would like to keep it at least for a month. I just wanna be more aware about amount of sugar I eat cuz I think I was eating sweets too much. 

I just think I eat a little more cuz when I have cravings for sweets I need to eat something else haha hopefully this is just temporary state.

Good hack is too read a lot of articles about how bad is sugar for your body. It helps to keep going haha.

I know it is still just 5 days but I need to start somewhere.


Stay with me. Efran.

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