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Jan 26, 2019 21:49:02

Keto Diet

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 I just find out recently on twitter that Yong Fook also doing Keto diet, you can search for his before and after photo on Instagram, what I can say is although we are the same age I wish I have the same build like him.

So I practice not so strict Keto Diet for a year, I have a pretty good result at the starting 3 months on very strict Keto Diet. Then due to some personal issue, I practice a not so strict Keto Diet now.

Few things that I practice now

  • Lower carb intake, I seldom take rice, noddle now a day, maybe a 3~4 meal a week might have some noodle.
  • Taking more vegetable and meats, by right I should take some fat meat in order to have enough oil for the body, this part I still learning and not doing very good.
  • Avoid all kind of "sugar" drink, I did pretty much ok for this, except the bubble tea, but I have tried to choose green tea based of tea instead of milk tea now day.
  • Skip all the biscuits and junk food, I did ok for this, a lot lesser compare to previously but have much room to improved and it really ties to emotion, sometimes when I depressed, I feel like to just take some of these to release the stress & negative emotion.
  • Fruit, the Keto Diet that I practice not encourage taking fruit, only avocado is allowed. I did that during the strict diet initial 3 months but it easily causing constipation. Now I practice at least take some fruit for 1 or 2 days per week.

Overall I m doing ok and of course I really want to push on this area this year, hopefully, before the end of the year, I can get into strict keto diet again.

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