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Mar 10, 2019 18:03:36

Kpop Playlist from My Friend

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My friends and I love sharing music playlists (sometimes music videos) to discover new artists and talk about them (mostly through text). 

Since I have recently got into Kpop my friend made me a list of "unknown" artists and their music. These posts are my reactions, comments, and option about them. 

  1. μŠ€λˆ„νΌ(SNUPER) _ μ§€μΌœμ€„κ²Œ(Platonic Love)
    • Video: The 80s funk vibe is perfect for this song and I really like how they switch to "modern" vibes with synchronized dancing at the end.
    • Music: This is exactly what it feels like when you have a crush on someone and can't tell them but you still hang out together. The beat is so catchy and bop to it the entire time. 
    • I wish I knew enough Korean to sing to this song. I probably won't add it to my main playlist but this is going in my kpop playlist. 
  2. ASTRO μ•„μŠ€νŠΈλ‘œ - All Night(μ „ν™”ν•΄) 
    • Video: The dreamy like the concept is all the feels! I want to photo shoot similar to at :05 πŸ˜.
    • Music: The rapping part by pink hair color artist (Jinjin?) is awesome. The chorus is catchy. I don't really know what the song means because the captions were auto-translated so I looked it up. Oh my! the video and concept make sense now.
    • I would love to see them perform live. 
  3. HOLLAND - I'm Not Afraid M/V
    • Video: First reaction, "He looks way too skinny and I hope he is ok." I love when artists show "real friends" in their videos. It makes them seem more normal than just this public figure. + 1 for diversity and inclusion. At the end of the video, it looks like he is just waking up. Does that mean he was just dreaming? but he was wearing the same shirt as the other scenes.
    • Music: Catchy beats and good to dance too. I had to look up some of the lyrics and realized how powerful they are. Especially, coming from the kpop world. "I am not afraid" is stuck in my head now.
  4. [MV] BTOB(λΉ„νˆ¬λΉ„) _ MOVIE
    • Video: It looks like the beginning of the video was actually shot on a film camera instead of a digital one. So many scenes and changes. One second it's normal, the other second it's black and white, ect.,
    • Music: The rapping parts are the only interesting parts for me. The other parts were just meh. Like it wasn't bad or good. I felt like the song wasn't cohesive and just went everywhere. It went from the guys being a narcissist to taking a dig at "movie like" relationships.


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