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Sep 18, 2019 21:59:24

Krakow: Day 1

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We set an alarm for 6am. Urgh, I hate doing that, but sometimes it has to be done. It wasn’t too painful, we have almost the usual amount of sleep. We awoke, dressed and packed out car - not with much, we had one carry bag and a standard size backpack.

After arriving at the airport, parking and getting through customs like a breeze, we sat down in a little breakfast F&Bs - an hour to burn, our bellies rumbling. I had bacon and maple syrup pancakes. Lovely.

The boarding and flight were painless. Even the school group that were tame for a group of scouse teenagers. Once we arrived in Balise, Poland, we waiting in line and went straight through that too. A bit of a queue, but otherwise no problems. Not having to wait for luggage is amazing!

We got a taxi from the airport to the hotel and we hit a snag. The hotel was self service. No staff. How did we get into our room? There was a code. We hadn’t been told... Fuck.

After a phone call, it was all sorted without much issue... everything went better than expected.

As planned, we head to the Schindler’s museum.  It was a lengthy walk, but we walked passed so many cool, little shops and cafes. We tried pierogi: amazing. We had a filled doughnut. We had some weirdly named bread.

When we arrived at the museum, the permanent exhibition had been booked out. We begrudgingly bought tickets to the temporary exhibition and had a minor argument about prebooking the tickets. After we came out of the temporary exhibition, more tickets for the main exhibition we refunded and available! We got them! Woo!

Schindler’s museum is quite long, very sad but a great, informative experience.

Our legs were aching - we walked about 20,000 steps today, so we got the tram back to the main square for food. After wrapping up a pizza, we walked back to our hotel room about 15 minutes away, where I still managed to squeeze in my habits (hello!) but we’re tired, ready to wrap up the day and ready to go to the castle and see the dragon tomorrow!

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