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May 23, 2019 00:00:04

Kwah wah!

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Brian Ball

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We only know what we know by observing the world.

We were children once, but we didn’t know it.

During the phases of us just sponging up the bright lights and the smashed carrots and momma’s voice, we didn’t know we were somebody.

We slowly developed. We got touched and fed and cleaned. A lot. Our muscles developed. Our eyes focused. Our voices started to sing.

Gradually, day-by-day, we transitioned from falling over while sitting to falling forward and then on purpose.

Fall first. Then on purpose.

The on purpose part, we call crawling. It’s a required stage of development.

The Crawl

In it, you learn how the floor feels on your knees. You know how far to move your thigh muscle to put that knee ahead of where it was, and then do it again on the other.

You learn to rock your weight a little from one side to release one knee while the other moves forward. You learn to move your hands out of the way without falling to the side.

But first, you fall to the side. Many times. You do it again.

I didn’t say you TRY again. I said you do it again. See, the Crawl -- is all of this.

It’s the tipping and balancing. It’s the thigh and the hand. It’s starting slow and staring up at others who might be watching.

“Come on!” they might say, but it just sounds like -- “Kwah wah!”

But they have a huge smile on their face. That causes your mirror neurons to put a smile on your face. Hey, smiling and Kwah wah feels great.

You do more. And again. And again. Soon, a pattern emerges. It’s not slow. You become decisive; speedy even. Kwah wah!

You got this.

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