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Jan 11, 2019 20:00:21


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We don't know how to cover our tracks anymore. It's getting more and more difficult.

Here's a plan I read online.

Leave the phone at home charging so tracking isn't enabled.

Gather a few hundred dollars in cash over a few months so as not to make any large bank withdrawals near my purchase.

Take a bus to a small town where there's a Church run gift shop. They're small enough they won't have security cameras.

Purchase a used laptop - pay cash.

Reformat the drive and install security software from a Linux Distro CD I got from a copy of 2600 hacker magazine at a used bookstore.

Set up VPN software so I can login to the web via a public wi-fi hotspot without having to give any credentials. The VPN will re-route my server's connection to make it look like I'm coming from other places around the world so as not to create a pattern.

I'll open a new Tor private browsing tab and then connect to the dark web. All links will be cleaned so as not to leave a trail in the server's history.

I'll visit the KPK site mentioned in the title and post the name and address of the person I want to erased.

No reasons or costs are involved.

I'll take a random mission from somewhere with 100 miles of location. Once I complete my mission, my anonymous request will be queued.

My request may not be fulfilled any time soon. It's a waiting game. A gamble.

Are there any security gaps in this person's plan?

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