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Feb 05, 2019 21:05:51

Lazy start

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61 days to go and I haven't really started with my challenge yet. Just looked at some SaaS apps how you can easily build some SaaS app, haha and that was it. No idea really struck into my mind. 

Aagh, I forgot to mention in the previous post that I don't have the idea yet, haha, but it would be too easy.  So far I have just some little clues where could I go. Just something which came to my mind when I am struggling at work or after some heavy punch at boxing lesson haha. I thought for example about some super super easy CRM where we could pile up our contacts or just some simple sorting contacts tool. Its kinda hassle to manage it from all the sources (so far checked CRM systems are too complicated).

Or some naming convention creator. Many employees changed since my friend's company had started and everyone naming the files differently. So now it's a big struggle to find something and usually, you give up and just do it again. A lot of time and money wasted just because of this stupid thing. But how to make a tool for it? People are super lazy to follow just some template from the Word document (no exception for me haha). 

I wasn't really digging deeper about that.  Just some recent thoughts.

Will see what comes to my mind next.


Stay with me. Efran. 

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