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Mar 30, 2019 23:12:11


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Victoria Maung

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Probably for the umpteenth time, I'm beginning this 200WAD with a variation of "relationships are tough." 

Currently, I am in a long-distance relationship with a first-year law student (partner of five years). He says that he hopes that I can move in with him for his third year of law school in San Francisco. However, I am of the mind that I need to follow job opportunities, so I can't exactly choose where I would like to work.

This is a tough dilemma because the sort of law he wishes to practice and his networks places him squarely in the Bay Area, and even though he would try to apply for positions wherever I get a hypothetical job offer, I wouldn't want to drag him to the middle of Michigan or Nebraska for an esoteric medical illustration job. We've also discussed eventually working abroad, like in Hong Kong, but that raises far more questions than just deciding where to work in the continental US.

I've thought about building up a freelancing career, but I do treasure the experience of working with large, established companies to work with multidisciplinary teams to help solve large and complex problems that require a suite of resources. Well, we'll see what happens for now.

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