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Jan 03, 2019 20:26:48

Leaving the House is Money

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Brian Ball

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I often work from home. When I don't, I find a café or library to work from. This always leads to eating out and paying more for coffee.

Just this morning, leaving the house has cost me almost $20. I had a breakfast burrito for $5, then a muffin and coffee for another $5. I bought some donuts for my nephews - $6. I haven't gotten any work done yet and I'm out $16.00.

HomoEconomicus - the human that makes rational decisions based on economic tradeoffs. Apparently I am not that guy.

Alas, I get to do what many consider living the good life. I wake up when I want, spend my day doing activities that are fulfilling and occasionally add value. It's a good life. I'd recommend it to those who can skate the knife-edge that is survival.

If you're just starting out, however, I'd recommend differently.  I'd suggest you develop in-demand skills. Practice them. Get really, really good at them. Take jobs that develop you beyond your current capabilities. On top of that, save up a five to ten years worth of living expenses. Then, enjoy the good life. You don't want to reach age 90 with a million dollars in the bank and only memories of living a tight-fisted life the entire time.

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