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Feb 07, 2019 21:09:32

Letter to my younger self

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Gokila Sakthi Ram

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@Seunoyebode - I am still young so this draft I am writing to myself. 

From :


To :


Dear me,

You are doing good things here. I could fetch all time positivity from you to let things go by its way and just watch it's thrilling or surprising moments what life has brought me and also yet to bring. I am thankful to you because as you are young inside, I am able to achieve things with smiling face. You helped me to shift all my stress as sooner as possible by various means that you know. You always remember my wishlist and clicks it to my mind cart whenever I needs to shop that suitable to my environment. 

I know you never grew old and thus I guarantee myself that nothing can break my inner peace of mind as long as you are with me. You are my good wellwisher, good all time partner, a fantastic company and I can't even imagine leaving you. So continue being young by spending more time with children, greenery, trees, god, mom and also with yourself alone sometimes. Continue holding some turns of minute handle in the clock only for YOU. Continue cheering up your loved ones, continue to love yourself, continue having your whole hearted good friends for whom you are most gifted (may be you can share this letter with them) and continue writing 200 words atleast a day. 

Yours lovingly,


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