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Feb 10, 2019 14:59:13

Letter to my younger self

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Gene Lim

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Hello there young Gene. I am the future you. If ever you existed, trust in everything that I'll mention in this post because I have been there and done that.

Ever since I am young, I am a person who loves to build something. With toys, Lego, I would build houses, cars, planes, robots, and anything that can be built by it.

I also love solving mathematics question. Everytime in school when there is quizzes or question from the teacher, I will raise my hand immediately and answer them. Hearing whisper from other students 'How did he do that? How can he answer so fast'. Which made me believe in myself even more. 

So don't worry, this is our personal strength, just make sure to make use of it. Do not wait until there is no more time. At the point of this writing, I am now 27 years old this year and through our all my life, I now felt that I am too old or too late in doing what I love.

I love making and building something from scratch. Since right now I am a software developer, the power of shaping the world is on the tip of my finger because with he power of technology, things moves and change quickly and you can be the one to do that. Having this knowledge means we can make this work. So learn how to code as young as possible and make use of that skill to build your future.

Good luck!

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