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Nov 27, 2018 14:27:43

Life continues...no matter what..

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Gene Lim

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26 years ago, a boy was born. His heart was filled with innocence, dreams, and compassion especially for his family. However, life was not so easy for him. He had witnessed how cruel life could be and he even questioned his fate.

Fast forward from today, not much difference. Struggles are still there...dreams still not that easy to achieve. He then stopped questioning his fate. He then stopped challenging his life. He settled with the realization that life works like time. It seems to move fast for others, move slow for some, yet, in the end it will provide the same hour depending on which part of the world you are standing. 

Mariah Carey once sang, "Do you know where you're going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you?"

Indeed, no one can define our exact life's destination. You cannot just give up when you look back and there's no open door for you. You may feel that life is so much easy for others while too tough for you. It is normal. Just keep on moving. Explore different routes until you finally found that right way for you. 

Life is certainly short. Stop contemplating; appreciate all the blessings you received, be grateful to all the people around you; build more memories with them, only then you can enjoy the sweetness that life could bring.

So what happened to that boy? Here he is...trying to make some difference to other people's lives through his words....because life definitely continues no matter what.

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