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Mar 24, 2019 00:25:35

Lifestyle inflation

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Victoria Maung

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Typically, lifestyle inflation refers to when a person begins to spend more money and gets used to their upgraded spending habits with the more money they get. For example, when a student suddenly enters a full-time job, they might decide that living with a roommate is no longer a situation they're willing to pay for and pay for the premium of living alone from that point forward. Usually this is a problem when a person is suddenly fired or puts money towards these lifestyle premiums in lieu of savings or retirement.

I wonder if money is the only currency that gets inflated. I think there might also exist an ego inflation. For instance, I am in a pretty good place in my life, but I always find myself wanting more. I find myself increasingly discontent with what I have in store for my future and am constantly wondering, "But what can I do more?" Granted, I haven't even started my new job yet, nor have I completed all the projects that I know will be amazing, or even begun to tackle my enormous to-do list of topics I want to write about or pursue, but I'm constantly anxious about the impact I'll have on the world. 

My heart and brain cares about the less fortunate and my hypocrisy of not doing more for them, but I guess if I haven't even gone through the motions of taking care of myself yet, I can only do so much (but I know lots of people who have sure proven to me otherwise). 

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