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Jun 22, 2019 19:32:26

Light a fuse!

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Brian Ball

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Ever seen the look on a kids face when she watches a fuse burn on a firecracker?

Give a kid $1,000 and they won't know what to do. Some adults won't either - unless they already have a lit fuse -- bills.

The fuse, is some sort of expectation. We work because we don't know what will happen when and if the money runs out. What if we have to live with our parents? What if we have to live in a car somewhere? What if?

Many veterans have already lived out in the jungle or desert and know the what ifs. It sucks, but it can only get so bad. 

To learn how to be resourceful, it's bette to not have a lot of resources. Too much money, you're incapacitated. Imagine how the billionaires operate. They hire people to help them think. They set up frameworks by which they can filter their thoughts. They have rules.

What if we had rules. What if we knew how we'd spend each minute of time if we only had 1,000,000 minutes left. That's not quite 2 years worth of time. And yet, we waste our day because we don't know what's possible.

So, what if we could make our brains believe something amazing was going to happen if we'd just light the fuse and then work in a focused way to cause an explosion? What if?

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