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Mar 15, 2019 15:33:28

little swamp of nomadic life

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I am still struggling in kind of a swamp. It feels like a swamp - sucking me into some kind of dark stickiness/ sticky darkness. 

My "nomadic" jumps don't seem very impressive. 1500 km. 2 hrs of direct flight, though connection is really inconvenient. So recently I choose connected flights, which are paradoxically logistically easier, and I can choose daytime.

"Just" 1500 km, yet it is a jump from a place usually 10 C warmer, where a day lasts on average 1,5hrs more. Somehow I don't handle well these temperature differences. Almost every time I take wrong set of clothes, misinterpret forecasts, have false expectations. The body neither wants to easily accept the situation. Gets confused. Wants rest, more food, more sleep. If I wanted to follow the Sun rhythm, I should consider the sunrise/sunset differences and adjust my sleeping routines. 1,5 hours doesn't seem a lot, and yet it feels like much. 

At one place I share life with my partner, far away from family, friends, routines that worked for decades. At the other, there are all the above, yet the "other half" is missing. 

Sticky darkness. My little swamp puddle, which I need to conquer so many times a year. I am tired...

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