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Apr 30, 2019 12:46:36

Live webcast tonight with Tony Robbins

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On a recent podcast episode of Entrepreneurs on Fire, John Lee Dumas interviewed Tony Robbins. Tony was promoting a free live training event to introduce a new product he's been working on with Dean Graziosi. Tony, Dean, and Russell Brunson are delivering this event tonight at 5 PM PST. The tag line for the course is the following:

How to turn what you already know into income by tapping into the $129 billion dollar information business without writing a book or creating a course.

I signed up last week and have been receiving daily emails. This could be the most hyped free live training event in history. Some of the emails had videos with some "pre-work" to complete before the event. The last email indicated that over 250,000 people have already registered. 

I am attending the event for three reasons.

1. Tony Robbins. I've seen him in person, and he's the real deal.

2. I am genuinely curious about this new offering and whether it would be a fit for where I'm at in my entrepreneurial journey.

3. I am interested in the meta knowledge of how an event like this is executed by the professionals.

Care to join me tonight so we can share notes? Sign up for the event here

Tomorrow I will post a full review of this experience.

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    @brandonwilson - 250,000 is insane. How do you market an event so well that it gets that type of a reception.

    I hope they are ready for us.

    Keni avatar Keni | Apr 30, 2019 18:45:48
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