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Jan 08, 2019 14:31:25

Lose that growing tummy

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Gene Lim

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I am not a fat person, it is just that I love to eat which makes my tummy grow side ways. Wearing any slim or tight clothings will make my tummy very visible. Also my pants are getting harder to button up.

So this year I was asked to lose that growing tummy of mine. To do so, I will have to exercise frequently. I do not have any gym membership nor have anytime to go to the gym because of my commitment and responsibility to my family. The only time that I may have some free time alone is when my son goes to school, but this is when I start to work on my job. So there is still no time for that. 

Since my job requires me to spend a lot of time on the computer’s screen, I will just be sitting down the whole day typing on the keyboard. 

So I have slightly changed my daily routine. Since last New Year that me and my family spend our time in Genting Highland, there was an going event for Pokemon Go. I redone loaded the app and I started to playing it again. There was a big change since my last login on 2016 and that change is making the game good and fun to play. Pokemon Go is a game where you will have to walk to a place to catch some Pokemon or run to within a specific distance to hatch Pokemon egg.

I am going to take advantage of this by running a few rounds in Botanical Garden, Penang for at least an hour right after I send my son to school in the morning and before starting my job. This will kill two birds in one stone. Completing some mission in the game and making myself physically fit. Hopefully in 2 months time, there will be some changes.

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