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Jan 15, 2019 16:44:14

Macosx Folder in zip file

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One of my recent project launches, the process includes users buying an entry on the website to participate the competition, once the users purchase and they will get other appendix download links to attach in their invoice, all these appendix will give more support information for the user to prepare for the competition.

Three days after the project launch, my client messages me on a Sunday afternoon mention that one of the user feedback the appendix zip files looks weird. They send me an image file to show me what's wrong with it. It is embarrassing, one of the attachment, I zip the folder without paying attention to the folder name, the folder name called "send to knight". So there are 100+ clients out there download the attachment and getting this "send to knight" folder.

The other issue is the is a __MACOSX folder in all these zip files, as a Mac user for the past 10 years, this is the first time I find out about this, folders that you zip using the Mac will consist of that folder and you won't be able to see it if you use Mac. For me to check on it, I need to open my terminal and doing some command line work.

After some google and StackOverflow crawling, the easy way is doing some command line work to remove it from the zip file.

zip -d filename.zip __MACOSX/\*

The command will help to remove the folder from the zip file, after removing it, I try to unzip through the terminal, and it proves that folder is no longer in the zip file.

P/s if there are images and you view it, it might consist of DS_Store folder, in this case, this command will help.

zip -d filename.zip \*/.DS_Store

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