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Apr 09, 2019 19:41:36

Majorca 2019

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Craig Petterson

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I'm a bit sipsy right now. Sipsy is what the missus and I call tipsy when we're too drunk to say it.

We're on holiday. We arrived in Majorca at midday today after leaving the house at 2AM and travelling for 10 hours door to door.

We've eaten a lot. I say we because I don't want myself to sound too bad, but in reality Nay has done extremely well to not be a gluttonous beast, like myself.

Normally, we're pretty good with eating healthily, but we're on holiday. Leave us alone.

We've had breakfast at the airport. French toast for me. Lunch almost immediately after arriving. I tried practically everything, but I did keep to the tiny plates to be fair! Then we spent the rest of the day in the sun drinking... Before falling asleep half naked on the sun lounger. Perfect.

I was actually gutted about my lack of recognition for my Pina Colada song reference on Makerlog. Literally nobody noticed (or more likely, cared). I'll repeat it here so you can enjoy my hilarity:

Done: Drink Pina Colada

TODO: Get caught in the rain

TODO: Make love at mi- wait what?

I've just arrived back to my hotel room after our evening meal. We went to the local Lidl to buy some stash for the room, even though we went all inclusive on this trip... I'm exhausted. We might end up asleep within the next 20 minutes... before 9PM local.

Peace oooooouuuuttt.

End of Majorca, Day 1

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