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Jan 02, 2019 20:28:37

MAKE Book - Part 1

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- I'm also taking a shot at doing 200 words a day as my New Year's resolution!

- I will mostly be writing about productivity, web development, design and maker/indie hacker related things - things that I would find useful in general

- Happy New Year! Wish me luck <3

I just finished reading "MAKE - Bootstrapper's handbook" by @levelsio which is about building startups "the indie way". It's a great book with no fillers and gets you straight to the point. I will try to do the same and give you key things that I find useful. (There will probably be a continuation post since I want to keep this short)

The first key thing is how you build your company/startup and that "way" is called "bootstrapping" which means you're self-funded and don't rely on investors when you start off. You try to use resources you have available right now to start. You can still go big and pull in investors later on since they LOVE companies that have proven revenue stream. Although the thing with investors is that you're not in full control of your product and its roadmap and you won't get much of the pie (only about 5%) when you sell the company later on.

The second thing is about launching fast which is another saying for "JUST DO IT". Launching fast prevents in-action due to you trying to make everything perfect (I relate to this so much and that is something that I will improve upon this year, 2019!). This doesn't mean that you can just make a shitty/buggy product and be done with it since it still needs to work to maximize the success of your first launch. Launching fast means that you can validate your idea faster.

This leads to the third point which is about validating your ideas. This is very important since you don't want to waste time and energy on something that won't gain traction. You can make a simple page explaining what the product is about and then get people to "pay" but without actually charging them since you only want to use it as a metric. You can then go on building your product since you know people want to pay for it!

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