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Feb 28, 2019 15:10:14

Make: Bootstrapper's Handbook

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I bought yesterday the Make: Bootstrapper's Handbook by @levelsio. I already mentioned in some of my posts that is always easier to grab and read another book than actually do and execute something but in this case, I think it's gonna be useful. I need to get some basic knowledge about the Makers movement (sure I know I must start making something cuz yesterday was already too late:)). 

I must say it's more like a longer post than an actual book but it's really nice and easy reading with a lot of good advice. You can easily connect with someone If you know he had already a success story behind. Not just another guru whos only business is how to make a business (I don't wanna even compare it but you know what I mean).

Businesswise I agree 90% of his thoughts which is good. How to make, launch, sell, promote, communicate with customers it's just how I would like to do it. 

I am not really sure about shipping as much product as you can. Sure, I understand but I cannot imagine work like a crazy for a month or more and then throw your work away cuz unsuccess product.  I would cry haha but yeah, it's probably necessary until you deliver something useful.

Anyway, the book is pretty good and I would definitely recommend buying if you are thinking about to make your own products. It definitely gives you another push to do it and a positive vibe for your journey. :)


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