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Jan 06, 2019 16:38:12

Making Money on HYIP Bots and Websites

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If you put your money in the bank that only generates a poor 1-2% annual interest rate, you'd never get the financial liberation you're aiming for let alone the yearly inflation, so knowing me, I'd find something better to put my money on that will generate higher percentage in a month or two. 

Perhaps, you might think I have a get-rich quick mentality, but I simply do not have the patience to wait a year to see my money grows. I am a pro-supporter of if you can do it or make it in a shorter time, why not? 

However, generating profits in a shorter period of time comes with a risk: you might lose all your money. Did that scare you yet? If it did, your appetite risk is low. Stop now. Don't proceed reading. Go eat some popcorn or put your money in the bank. For those who are willing to traverse the land of high yield investment program, welcome aboard.


The Bad 

I have began investing on HYIPs since last December 2018. I got scammed twice. First, I lost nearly $100 on bitfalcon. The bot suddenly stopped paying and the support team's excuse was technical issue. The technical issue lasted more than a week, and I kept pestering the support chat about pending withdrawal until I got blocked. The second time was when I tried a site where your bitcoin would get doubled in 24 hrs. I already learned my lesson from Bitfalcon, so I only invested a tiny 0.00016 btc on this one. In 24 hrs, it did get doubled, and I was able to withdraw 0.00036 btc. I though this one would be legit, so I tried to invest 1$. That 1$ vanished. I never received a payment anymore. 

P.S: Bitfalcon has also a UK company registration number. Looks legit but has turned out to be a scam. It only ran for 60 days and after that the payments stopped.

The Good

It's great to be stubborn. I did not let my losses dampen my spirit, so I went ahead and invested on HYIP bots again. This time, I got my ROI + profits.

The name of the HYIP is Smart Contract, and you can easily find it on Telegram, but I don't suggest investing on it now, since you can't even tag the admin on their Telegram Support Group. It simply seems shady to me. I guess, I just got lucky with getting my principal amount and the profits, before the Smart Contract bot stops paying.

The next bot that I tried and I'm still invested on is Ecom. I haven't had problems with withdrawals yet, but we do not know until when it will pay. Ecom works with dropshipping, so it claims that it will continue to work so long as people are using Amazon, Shopify and other online shopping sites. So far, with this one, I feel safer with my investment, because the admin provides great and fast customer service with any deposit and withdrawal concerns. My withdrawals were all processed instantly as well. 

I have also invested on Bithen bot. With this, you only collect the eggs that the hens you own lay and sell it on the marketplace. I haven't reached yet the minimum withdrawal amount, so I don't know if this one does pay, but so far I enjoy collecting the eggs.

There are those bots that give you free cryptos, but they require you to do tasks such as visiting websites and joining channels and the pay is not that much. However, I can confirm that they really pay cause I was able to withdraw my free litecoins from ltc bot.

More free bots and free investment sites are: 

BTC Faucet

Bitcoin Mining Antpool



Always invest what you can afford to lose. In my case, I'd rather take risks than nothing at all. Of course, do not forget to do some research on the HYIP bots/websites you are investing on. Look for any proofs of payments, and the first rule is: Invest early. 

Have you tried any HYIP? If yes, what is the website or bot? How was your experience?

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