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Dec 19, 2018 19:30:48

Many products or few best ones?

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Arnav Puri

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Quality vs Quantity

I am working on my goals and plan for 2019. One of the major goals is to become a serial "Maker" (you can read "Entrepreneur" if it doesn't feel offensive to you 😛). To make the goal measurable I am trying to find the right metrics.

It can be any of the following:

- Active Users

- No of products

- MRR 

- Total Revenue

- Sleep Quality?!

You got the idea. 

So the dilemma here is should I keep building products till I reach a particular figure in revenue or keep improving one app and make it best.

Both of them have their own set of risks and advantages, for instance, if I build a lot of products they might be half-baked and I can't do continuous marketing as well for all these products. But diversity reduces the risk, if I just focus on 1 or 2 products and they fail, they just fail.

As of now, I am thinking of trying two approaches, for first 6 months I will be building multiple products, most of them focused on Indian audience and the next 6 months will be decided based on the performance of these products.

Hopefully, 2019 will be awesome for me.

I hope it is awesome for you too. ✌️

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