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Apr 12, 2019 17:05:06

Map of the Soul: Persona

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BTS just released their 6th EP with 7 tracks. Here are some thoughts after listening to them:

1. Intro: Persona

This song was released last week as a teaser so everyone knew what the song was going to be. RM's rapping is on point and really like the beat and background sounds that blend into the word play. I wish I knew enough Korean to appreciate the lyrics but love the beat (I just wanna fly).

2. Boy With Luv (with Halsey)

This one is going to be a summer song that they play on radio all the time. I am looking forward to it. I think Halsey should have gotten more lines. The audio version is better than the video version because you can clearly hear Halsey. Also, Jin lines were in the beginning 😲

I can't get the chorus out of my head. It reminded me a bit of Troy Sivan and Holland as well. 

It's been less than 5 hours yet the MV has 25M views. 

3. Mikrokosmos

V's vocals really shine on this one. I am really into the meaning of this song and how it fit's into the Bangtan Universe overall.

4. Make It Right 

This song beat is really unique to everything I have heard before. Love the horns sounds. Ed Sheeran help co-write this song and I am looking forward to how they are going to perform it on stage.


This one is slowly growing on me but not a fan of it yet. Interesting word play with Korean, English, and Spanish. 

6. Jamais Vu

This is the type of song I could listen to anytime and anywhere. J-hope, Jin and JK voices are soothing. 

7. Dionysus

I LOVE IT. I am looking forward to the live version in less than a month.

Overall, all of these songs are great and looking forward to the theories on how it fit's in their universe and the concert next month.

If you didn't know, BTS has their Marvel style universe where everything is linked and there are sub plots.

The MV is going to break Youtube record again with most views in 24 hours (I think it will be close to 80M).

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