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Aug 24, 2019 02:35:33

Meaningless Waiting Interrupted | Switch Hitter -- pt 5

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The nurse looked at his phone one more time. Nothing. Nothing good at least. Two notifications from two meaningless apps, but no signals from another human. Just apps. 

It had been about three hours since Rooney from Tinder had messaged him. Did he say something wrong? He thought he was being funny. That's what girls wanted out of a guy these days. A funny guy. But maybe she hadn't gotten his joke.... why did he need to crack jokes anyways? Couldn't we all simply talk like human beings? 

"You're on Tinder you fucking animal. You can't expect human communication on such a primitive platform" is what is roommate would always say to him whenever he uttered such desires. And his roommate was correct to a degree. Maybe correct 100 percent, but still it irked him wrong. The nurse checked his phone again, and scrolled through the messages he and Rooney had exchanged, studying them for more clues as to what was really going on. Then he looked at the timestamps and calculated the exact time since last contact. Fuck, he thought to himself 

"Hey, Jerry! Get to room B408 ASAP." called out a large black woman. 

"Right away." he said as he put his phone away.

When he walked into the room chills ran down his spine. It was a girl dressed up in the old fashioned style diner dress... light blue apron type, and she was drenched like she had run a marathon in the rain. But her dress and her drenched outfit wasn't what shocked Jerry the most. What shocked him was that this was Rooney from Tinder.

"Hi." She said. She seemed to notice him, and noticing him noticing and recognizing her. But she didn't explicitly mention it. But before Jerry could think more about it, a cop stood up... a cop.... he hadn't even noticed that cop there. A burly cop stood up and motioned with his thick hands that they needed to move this patient into a more secure room. A new room. 

Jerry nodded. There was a curtain so Jerry couldn't see who the patient was. He watched as Rooney went behind the curtain. Jerry tried to catch a glimpse of their shadows behind it until he was interrupted by the thick fingers ontop of his shoulders.

"Okay, let's do this. You ready?"

"Yes. Ready."

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