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Creation is an act of cannibalization. It's a trick to never run out of things to say: it's fairly easy to build up content around an existing piece of content. 

I call it meta-content: you can write, you can write about writing, and you can write about writing about writing. Then you can interview people who write about writing about writing. The final touch: review an interview of someone who writes about writing about writing. Meta-content is content feeding on each other to bring out potential additional value.

Follow the 5W1H methodology: What, When, Why, Where, When, and How. Write about when and how you got the idea to write, then how you actually sit down and put in the work... the declensions are many. You have to imagine your content is an onion to dissect.   

Above four layers of abstraction, it gets hard to follow. Additionally, you can change your format. An article can easily become a podcast, a video, a tweet, or a newsletter. The other way around is true as well. The hard part is delivering the initial content.

A concrete example of such meta-content is reaction videos: a video of someone reacting to another video. It's a common format on Youtube. There are also reaction mashups - superposed reaction videos where you get to see many people reacting at once to the same thing.

When you write one piece of content, you actually give birth to tens of additional pieces.

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