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Jun 27, 2019 21:30:11

Migrating Off WordPress

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This is a continuation of my series on migrating my web site off WordPress and onto Jekyll

Adding Analytics

Google Analytics and Piwik / Matomo

If you're using Github Pages (as I'm doing) this is not necessary since Github has its own analytics for them, but I have all my other analytics on Google Analytics and I really don't want to look in 2 different places if I can help it. And yes I don't like Google spying on me, but as I said in my [article about analytics all the other providers fall short. I've heard great things about Piwik (now called Matomo) lately so maybe it became better after all these years, but I'm not going to try it again (for a while at least).]({% post_url 2016-02-20-piwik %})

  • Create a new property for USERNAME.github.io and get the tracking code.
  • Go to the _includes folder and paste the code in the javascripts.html file


Google Analytics is not great. The tracking is not the only problem, it also because doesn't give accurate results most of the times since most people are now using an adblocker. Those views are not counted by Google Analytics so it often appears that you have fewer hits than you actually do.

Instead, you can use Cloudflare to both serve your website and provide analytics. Since Cloudflare works at the exit nodes of the network it counts all users giving a more accurate result. [That's not all though. If you want to know more I have a whole section on Clouflare][1].
[Coming Soon]

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