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Apr 08, 2019 23:02:42

Mimicking the wrong thing

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I've spent a lot of time mimicking the wrong things about a person. When I admire a person I try to emulate the things they do. But I always pick the wrong things. I'm not alone in this, but rather than criticizing this fallacy in the ubiquitous wild, I think it more productive and useful -- both to me and anyone else -- for me to simply observe how I do it wrong.

One of my heroes is 50 Cent the rapper, and I would try to copy the most salient things. Like him only sleeping 6 hours a night and his relentless work ethic in the studio. This was back after I'd graduated college, and so I began seeing sleep as something for weak, stupid people, and I began looking for what my studio was. 

What was my studio? 

At the time, I'd claimed to want to write, but I resented the fact that writing didn't have a studio. There was no sexy, dark, creative place I could go to with cool looking buttons, knobs, and screens. At times, I blamed my inability to write on the craft's lacking of palpably sexy tools. The closest thing I could do was go online-shopping for special notebooks and pens, and yes I even thought of buying that Hemingway Digital Typewriter.

These days I've been revisiting 50 cent, and I'm still trying to mimic him. Only, now there is something else that I learn from. Not the six hours of sleep, and his studio. Those were simply symptoms of his situation. 

Now that I'm older and have failed more (aka wiser) I can now see below the surface. And though the role model and the content is the same, the lessons are anew.

Often life isn't about finding yet another fucking iceberg, but rather learning to look below the water.

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    @abrahamKim Used to love Fiddy. Guess I still do but don't listen much anymore. I remember thinking he needs a lot more attention after he came out with How to rob on The Madd Rapper album, but virality back then wasn't what it is today.
    Then there was the fiasco with Power of the Dollar holding him back, but when Guess Who's Back dropped everyone knew it was only a matter of time before he blew up. The eventual collabos with Eminem, Dre, and The Game created a sort of new golden era of rap. Pretty short lived and downhill from there in my opinion.
    But he is a true hustler, I'm with you on that.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Apr 10, 2019 09:05:56
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      Haha I'm glad that you and I are in the know about Mr. CJ FIDDY aka Ferrari F- 50.

      Many tech startups manually do things -- example be stripe manually creating accounts for their limited user base in the beginning rather than having it be an automated script and register form -- and it's only later they automate.

      I think 50 cent was manually doing what people do now for social media and virality and audience outreach and culmination. Only things is that it took him many many years as opposed to months becaue there was no fb or ig or soundcloud back then. So he kinda manually had to perfrom the functions that such socialmedia provide to people now.

      No doubt that people like Drake modeled their comeup on studying fiddy

      Abe avatar Abe | Apr 10, 2019 14:18:29
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    @abrahamKim - I like this very much.
    You are a good writer Mr Abraham.

    Keep writing.

    Keni avatar Keni | Apr 08, 2019 17:29:24
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      @abrahamKim @keni A very good writer. I'm sure you'd be poetic also. Would you drop us a poem one of these days? ;)

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Apr 09, 2019 00:17:29
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      @keni @seunoyebode

      remember that guy named Gabriel? He had ideated about writing poetry every day, and I had proposed to write a poemicized version of our daily posts.... but he never came back to even see my suggestion.

      I actually don't like poetry. Unless it's rap lol.

      Hope you're feeling better Seun. Back at work at feeling good?

      Abe avatar Abe | Apr 09, 2019 02:35:04
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      @abrahamKim @keni


      Haha, i'd take that as you're dropping some 200WAD bars soon.

      Feeling very well now, and reluctantly back at work ;). Thanks, i appreciate.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Apr 09, 2019 03:17:57
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      @keni @seunoyebode

      reluctant?? Can you write about the feeling of your reluctance and work one day?

      Abe avatar Abe | Apr 09, 2019 13:38:57
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      @abrahamKim - Rap? That is the most beautiful form of poetry.


      Keni avatar Keni | Apr 09, 2019 07:57:09
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      @abrahamKim .... Na, just random laziness. I'm fully back to work mode now.

      @keni Of course, and the best part of rap's poetry is the spontaneity. So, @abrahimKim, the council have decided that you share a rap/poem (choose the label yourself) soon.

      Thank you.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Apr 09, 2019 13:11:09
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      @abrahamKim @keni Hmm, still catching up I'll have to look into that.

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Apr 10, 2019 09:06:38
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      @keni @seunoyebode

      200BARZ a day. A product by Seun haha.

      Abe avatar Abe | Apr 10, 2019 14:19:17
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