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Feb 28, 2019 23:58:40

Mistakes Happen

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Keenen Charles

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As a species, we're too concerned with making mistakes. I've tried to minimise the chance of a mistake occurring but it came at the detriment of other qualities. We believe mistakes are a sign of incompetence but they're more likely a sign of learning and potential for growth.

Instead, I believe patterns of mistakes are the more concerning issue. Mistakes happen but you're meant to learn from them and avoid repeating them in the exact same circumstances.

I'm reminded of football and the most recent Manchester United managers. The last one repeatedly made similar mistakes within the same circumstances. The new one recently made his first mistake but there's no evidence he'll repeat it.

In those cases, I think it's fair to give yourself and others a chance. A mistake might just be a rare occurrence for its circumstances. Even frequent mistakes might just come from different situations. 

Patterns of mistakes show an unwillingness to learn and adapt. It shows a dogmatic approach to your beliefs rather than a flexible view that will morph to find success. Then you can accept that the random individual mistakes are just a side effect of learning. With time you'll get better and learn how to avoid similar mistakes. As long as you don't fall into a pattern, it's okay.

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