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Mar 02, 2019 22:17:56

Mixed colorful mood

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Years ago, I wanted to create a mood tracker of the current mood and mixed mood, represented by continuous colors from red to green as from the worst to the best with timestamps. As time goes by, your mood history would be a curve up and down. 

Up to now, the basic mood history curve function sounds normal and there have already been some applications done. "Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to results." What drives me crazy about mood tracker is how colorful temporary history emotion mixed together leading to our actions.

Since mood tracker enables feelings tracked and analyzed, the straight way is to mixed colorful mood during any specific time period to see how would it be. For example, if I was really upset most of the time this Saturday, my mixed mood color would be close to red today. However, if I was happy and cheerful past few days, so for this whole week, my mixed mood color from Monday to today would be close to the green, because today's impact is smaller. 

Alternatively, I could use the weighted linear regression model to give history mood that is closer greater weight, then the results would be different.

Put simply, mood tracker could help you better understand yourself by reminding you to be the architects of your feelings other than being the victim of feelings. 

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