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Jul 22, 2019 17:42:24


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Mondays are hard. I am busy all day at work and have boxing lesson after. I am gonna come back home around 9 PM. 

I need to also post a new post for my project and a new video to my channel its connect with the post it is a little easier.

Fortunately, I have everything ready already. I will just upload the video after boxing and everything is set.

Unbelievable I did something on time hehe. Unfortunately it wasn't caused by Deep work. I still couldn't find the right time to focus. Mornings probably do not work for me that well. Even I go to bed early I am not able to wake up and its still more comfortable to stay in bed but I must break it cuz there is no better time haha after work I am too tired and after boxing super tired.


I am just blabbing around again but wasn't easier to write 200 words in the good old times? now it feels like impossible challenge again hehehe.

Okay take care. I go fight against my intelligence :D but at least I am gonna have a good physic.

Take care.


Stay with me. Efran.

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