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Mar 13, 2019 10:57:56

More info less confidence

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When I try to flow into the new field of interest (these days into Makers movement). I am like a sponge and try to get as much info as possible. In the beginning, it's nice cuz you go through awesome articles which keep you motivated and you get the momentum  "yes I can go it too".  But if I am talking about myself and my experience, usually, it's slowly getting counterproductive. 

First of all, you read and read and not execute anything, which is of course bad. 

Second of all, the confidence is getting down cuz you realize it is not so easy how it looks in the beginning. 

Third of all, if you want to execute your idea or project and you keep browsing around is a 99% chance you will find similar or exactly the same website or app which definitely never boost your motivation (yes sometimes it can help if the app is super bad and you know you can do much better). I mean you should do some research of course but you don't really need to dig too deep. You wouldn't ever do anything. 

That's it for today. I write this post more for myself cuz these excuses always coming to my mind. So I hope it helps me to avoid the hassle haha.


Stay with me. Efran.

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