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Jun 25, 2019 08:31:31

More on bicycling

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Daniel Miller

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Rode Sunday morning, and yesterday morning, and had an early meeting this morning canceled so rode this morning, too. Riding tomorrow morning assuming I can wake up in time. Riding in the summer means riding in the morning which means falling asleep early which means less time for 200wad writing. Pretty much wake up, ride, work, evening routine, and by the time the kids fall asleep I'm ready to fall asleep too.

This morning at our normal rendezvous spot there was a fast group ride leaving at the same time. The ego in the air was palpable. Later on our ride, I commented that Lance Armstrong was responsible for the bro-ification of road riding.  It's a shame, really. Things were different in the '90s. I'm glad I got into it then. Now it would be no more appealing than football. It's no wonder fixed gear and gravel have become their own cultures distinct from roadie culture.

I miss being in better shape. I'm still not in acceptance that my current workload and family obligations don't leave enough time to ride enough to get back into proper condition. Even if I could ride every weekday morning, 15 miles a day isn't enough. And the weekends are free now, but in the fall they'll fill up with soccer games and a hundred other child activities. 

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