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Nov 28, 2018 11:27:09

Mother Nature

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Gene Lim

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As a person who grew up in a traditional family, anything related to spending is hardly supported. Before wanting to spend on something, we would think trice or at least twice if it is worth buying and question if could we just live without it. Take toys and gadgets for example, without them we still have outdoor activities with mother nature to be happy with. We would always go outside and enjoy with nature.

Fast forward till today, it seems hard to live without these gadgets. Especially anything that has to do with the internet. It is true that these things actually improve our lifestyle of living and it is getting cheaper. Technology is rapidly growing fast. Nothing is going to stop that. Which indirectly made this things easier to be purchased without even thinking twice. It is okay to embrace it but we are actually forgetting what nature could give us.

We have the mountains to climb, the sea to fish or swim, the grasses to roll or to play on. Not forgetting activities such as footballs, basketball, cycling, and badminton. All these will not burn our pockets but it will burn our fats. 

With all that saying... Get outside now for at least some fresh air.

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