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Jan 12, 2019 16:09:16


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My mother in law is moving to my nearby neighborhood today. Yep, within 5 minutes of drives, I can reach my parent or my wife's parent place, and this is very convenient. My mother in law has three daughters, my wife is the elder kids, and since there are no boys in the house, I always have to take up most of the duty. 

I still remember there was one year, suddenly her heart is having something wrong in the midnight and needs to admit to the hospital, she stays like 30~40 minute away, and we when we were rushing down and scare something might happen. 

So now everyone lives nearby, you will know there is always back up. If my wife and I are away and my mother in law need any help, I can get my parent to take a look, the same goes for both ways. Don't forget we have 2 kids, now there's another option to help if anything happen, It's been a problem for us sometimes when we need someone to help take care of the kids but my parent are away or busy with something.

That's the main reason while My wife and I might have a better career path in Singapore, but we didn't move to Singapore. We choose to stay at Johor with our family. They need us, and we need them as well.

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