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Oct 04, 2019 16:09:22

Moving to Odessa

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Basile Samel

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I'm in the middle of moving to Odessa. Changing cities can be deadly for my streaks. I didn't prepare anything the day before. I woke up at 7 AM to do some cleaning in the Airbnb studio. I left the keys of the apartment at 10 AM, but before that I was with a lady I met at a party two weeks ago and thus didn't make time to write. Saying goodbye is the hardest part of traveling. I took the bus to Bucharest's Henri Coanda airport. It was too crowded to get some writing done. I was too nostalgic of my time in Bucharest to focus. The feeling persisted till the departure of my first flight to Istanbul. I slept as soon as the plane took off, for an hour. Then I landed in Istanbul and had to take a shuttle to another airport. The sunlight in Turkey is peculiar, pale and warm, and propagating to the blue cloudless sky in an explosion of colors. I'm currently sitting in Istanbul's new airport. The architecture is magnificent, maybe a bit overambitious. I'm limited to one hour of free Wi-Fi, but my battery will probably die out before that. Time to sit down and type something. Anything will do. I don't have time to think of something deep to say, so I'll just journal what happened throughout the day. I'm longing for a meal. My connection to Odessa takes off at 23:40. I'll arrive late at night. Hopefully, I won't have any problem to receive the keys of my new home. Off to new adventures.

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    @basilesamel Keeping it going on the fly! 👏

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Oct 04, 2019 07:54:52
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    @basilesamel - A true nomad!
    Do not lose the streak Basile!!

    Keni avatar Keni | Oct 04, 2019 10:24:12
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