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Jan 26, 2019 14:07:01

Mr. Fever

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Gene Lim

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I had a lot of plans planned to do for today and I was feeling motivated to start my today. Unfortunately everything failed. Around 3am today I woke up with the sudden feeling of feverish. Covered myself with blankets and it wasn't even enough. I feel coldness flowing through the blanket, though my clothes and touches my skin. It is so cold that that even without any fan turned on. This is when I knew that I will be on bed for the rest of the day.

So instead of thinking negative, one of my plan for the day is to start the day by working out. I went jogging in the morning about 6am while it is still dark so that I could catch the sunrise. I did this and I actually felt better because I was able to sweat it out a lot and the fever was actually gone.

This only lasted till breakfast when the fever came back and it was worst this time. As of writing this, I am just on the bed literally the whole day, not being able to do any of the plans today other than being able to go for an hour jog in the morning. Hopefully by tomorrow Mr. Fever will leave.

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