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Mar 08, 2019 14:43:19

Murder Steve Jobs

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I once learned of a retired man who had been plotting to kill Steve Jobs. One day his son casually informed him that Jobs was terminally-ill. The man sulked and walked into bed. 

"Why did he want to kill Steve Jobs? How did he not know that he was already going to die? Wasn't he like researching him the whole time?"

"He didn't really want to kill him."

"Then why do all that work? What the hell was on all those papers?"

I learned of his story and I understood. I disagreed, but it made sense why he wanted to kill, if not Jobs the biological creature, the effects of this dying carbon organism.

The man was a phone-man. He operated public phones, back before everyone had a smart-phone in their pocket, back before every household had its phone. Back when a large building such as a hotel might have a single phone, and a single person would occupy it, relaying messages. Back then you would wait up to eight minutes while the phone-man fetched who you were trying to contact.

I won't say his name. You can google it yourself. But the man died several months after that day he sulked into bed, even before Jobs' own death.

RIP Phone-Man

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    @abrahamKim What an odd story. Phone-Man is but one example of the larger issue on the horizon where AI and automation are going to eliminate many jobs. This has happened in history but not to this extent or scale. Society is not prepared to handle this change, and sadly there might be many more examples of Phone-Man.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 08, 2019 08:15:31
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      Abe avatar Abe | Mar 08, 2019 20:21:39
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