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Apr 09, 2019 22:49:09

My biggest fear

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I always remember Scarlett's nightmare in Gone with the Wind: she is running through the mist near Tara, searching for something she cannot name. Though she is pretty tough to go through the war, the death of family, the loss of lovers, she is fragile in the dream of mist, which would appear each time she is scary and feel helpless and hopeless until the end of the book, her nightmare came true when Rhett divorce with her. "Tomorrow is a new day." is Scarlett's common saying to encourage herself to cheer up and fight for her land.

Similar to Scarlett's nightmare, my biggest fear would show up in a dream when I feel I am trapped in others' regulations, too. It's the dream happens in my high school classroom with all classmates preparing for the college entrance exams. The only thing I know is there is no time left and I have nothing in my mind for the tests. "My life would ruin if I fail to go to a good college and I have to spend another year in my high school" repeating again and again until I wake up and make sure I have been graduated from high school for years. So, my biggest fear is back to the worst time in my whole life: no freedom, no independence, no right to make decisions and be none in crowds.

It's horrible to have no basic right to convey your own thoughts, and everyone is ranked by something like grades. No one care how you picture your future in self-satisfied, self-discipline and self-improvement. Though the real condition is much better than life in the book 1984, I would have that dream again when I feel I lost my own liberty.

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