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Jan 17, 2019 17:19:46

My Current Productivity Workflow

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I mention it "spark joy" for me when I discover Todoist new feature - Todoist Template, I m thinking to consolidate my productivity tools.

Before I do that, maybe is good to share what I currently doing?

My main tools currently are Trello, I use it for a few things.

  • Personal Goal - What I try to accomplish this year.
  • Life Progress Track ( Monthly ) - I note down important things happen every month and check again my goals.
  • Ideas bank - One of my board is the idea bank I put up every interesting idea/script/product in it
  • Product Tracking - It tracks all my products, includes those I want to build and I already build.
  • WIP board - Inspired by levels.io this post, I use the Trello to keep track of my Work In Progress, what is on my pending list, what I want to do today etc. Original I have my freelance work here as well, but its kind of messy and really depressed because you will see you been busy with all kind of freelance work and no time to do product, so I move it to my todoist.
  • Done Board - Every board will represent a week, I sync my completed task from todoist and create a card here so that I can reference what I have done every week. It serves as a motivation too like "Yeah I completed a lot task this week, which explain why I got no time to work on my product" 

My secondary tools will be Todoist, I use it mainly for 3 things

  • My Personal Task - I need to go the bank, remember to file tax report etc.
  • My Freelance Work - All the small task related to my freelance work.
  • Misc Task - like keep track of my subscription expiry date, some of the reminder like to consolidate all photos to my Mac Photo app etc.

Some other Misc Tools

  • I use Bear note to keep development related note
  • I use Google Keep to save some of the interesting/product/services I want to try but not now

I love Trello, the kanban view, the bookmarklet to keep visual card and the background ( you can always choose a nice photo for your board background ), but it seems to me that I prefer to do planning or overview on Trello, I don't really like the checklist to track the tasks, feel ok to use card per task, but I like to cross off my tasks on todoist more often.

I think I will be trying to bring all todo to todoist and using trello for planning, let's hope this can help me to focus and clear out more task then usual.

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