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May 15, 2019 15:52:16

My Daily Chores (Day 6)

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I haven't written in a while now here on 200WAD, and i kind of missed it so let me just recheck everything i have done till today.

It was a busy week and a busy period for me being productive, and i am actually very happy that i published my first article for Maker Mag :).

So here is my list of the things i did and something i should do in the future:

1. I finished my tasks for the social media calendar.
2. I created a Hootsuite account and i am going to test it today.
3. I started working on the event we hosted for the first time in Europe, and the first time in the Balkans.
4. I published my first article on Maker Mag (i met with the makers in a restaurant)
5. I worked out until the weather became shitty, i had to stop because i'm working out, outside.
6. I started eating a lot healthier.
7. I bought a food container for easier transportation of my lunch (lunchbox) and i also bought a coffee thermos.
8. I finished my first bought coffee, off to the next.
9. I got my first paycheck for my internship.
10. I met new friends online, and i am now part of the Maker Mag community.

Cheers :)

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