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May 20, 2019 16:50:50

My day and recipe

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The day was began early at the 8 o'clock. I dress up and started the day. I didn't want to do morning exercises, so I eat. Then I started to prepare to my work: made a research how to use Wordpress. While researching I understood that I am zero and I couldn't make anything. Then my mood changed and I thought that I'm not lost and I am good.

And all this day my mood changed, it was borderline state. I hope that I will not wake up with headache because of stress. I am not stress stable. 

Tomorrow will be my grandma's birthday, I will cook a big cake for her and a small cake for my boyfriend. I always make for him mall versions of cakes that I cook on someone's birthday.

It is a simple recipe, it's a familiar taste for her. She cooked this cake with this recipe when she was young. The cake is called "БСмистаканник" (I don't know how to translate it, maybe like "Seven-glasses"). The recipe has seven ingredients and all of them are measured by one glass. You need one glass of melange (egg melange), melted butter, starch, milk, condensed milk and sugar.

At the first, all dry ingredients are combined, then all wet ingredients are added and mixed. Then one small spoon of baking powder is added to this mix. Dough should have 20 minutes of chill time. Then two (or more) parts of dough are baked for 45 minutes (I don't know the temperature).

What is the time? Oh, yes, it's cream time! Mix boiled condensed milk (400g) with 200g of butter for a long time. It will be very lush.

About boiled condensed milk: I bought condensed milk and boiled it for (I don't know how much, but it was long, you can google). But be careful: you need much water in a pan, because the jar of milk can explode. Home boiled milk is more tasty than a boiled milk you bought. 

What's next? Soak cakes with raspberry jam (my grandma recommend it in recipe) or something else, then add cream and your cake is ready!

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