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Mar 23, 2019 23:25:11

My draft

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I just said goodbye to my best friend in the crossstreet where we had a heat argument over an hour about personal further education. We have not met since 2019, and we are both confront with the same problem: wether should we to apply for Phd.

We are both dainty girls, in inherent impression,careful and diligent which means we are easy access to higher education and set academic work as career. It's a reliable and respectful job for young women who would go to be a wife and mother. However, I don't agree that at all.

Further education is not a guarantee for  a future job which is easier  for girls and is not an excuse for no entrance into a job which is harder for girls. As a girl, I should have chances to do anything I want to try. Application for a Phd maybe the last opportunity for me to do academic research other than just kill time before marriage and parenting where is my final ends of life.

I have regretted that  many chances I have lost before I made up my mind to pursue what I really want. Now it's already late for deadlines though, why not just focuses on the progress because what I really want to do is changing my direction towards another way.

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