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Jun 29, 2019 16:33:14

My draft

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Swizec Teller, [29 Jun 2019 at 16:28:38]:

Ok so my impression/problem with subscriptions so far has been this: When times are good and money is flowing, I don't care. When revenue dips, I start caring

But when it comes to more expensive subscriptions, I'm very aware of them and they are on my radar. They're also not something I can get out of because the whole business is built on them.

When it comes to cheaper subscriptions, my reaction is often "Ugh $10 damn it I was gonna cancel that" but it doesn't hurt enough for me to actually do something about it

The problem isn't so much that I forget to cancel, but that it isn't a big enough priority to get done 😄

That said, I think there is an opportunity there to helpfully remind me and make me care enough about some of those subscriptions

And I think that's what your app does? I put in all subscriptions and you tell me "Yo, this is how much money you're wasting, you sure?"

I don't have a problem yet when my employees would sign up for stuff without my knowledge (since I only have freelancers, if that)

And I don't have such a large number of subscriptions that I woudl just magically completely forget about them. That also means I don't just randomly sign up for a bunch of stuff either

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