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Sep 08, 2019 22:54:38

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For as long as I can remember I've always dreamed of having big massive arms.  But for as much as I've tried over the years, I just had never been able to accomplish.  I believe this may be due to multiple factors:  My height and body type, having a fast metabolism, no proper weight training and not dieting correctly. 

After reflecting upon this one day I realized that I will only get to live once.  And from the years that I have left, only a few can be used to build significant muscle.  Upon realizing the scarcity of time, a sense of urgency was born within me to make this dream a reality.  

Through hours of research online reading article after article about what it takes to build massive arms one thing became very clear:  I had not been putting enough emphasis on having a diet that is conducive to muscle growth.  

In fact, I've found that about 60% of the work happens at the kitchen:  Dieting and eating the right amounts of nutrients that will foster lean muscle development. And I have been completely ignoring this fact and pretending that weight lifting and drinking protein alone would be enough to do the job.  Of course not! If that was that easy then I would have achieved my goal years ago.

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